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Water starts to be pumped to Tripoli

Water starts to be pumped to Tripoli

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 14 August 2019:

Libya’s Tripoli-based Water Authority announced today that electricity has been reconnected to the Man-Made River Project wells in the Hasawna region located about 450 km south of Tripoli. With this, it said that water has started to be pumped into the Greater Tripoli and Western region.

It said that it is not clear when water is expected to arrive at the capital yet and thanked many unnamed benevolent people for their positive and constructive social interventions for helping solve the crisis.

It will be recalled that power was cut to the water wells by an armed group in the south of Libya in protest at power cuts experienced in the south beyond those experienced on the northern coastal cities.

The Serraj government had called upon social leaders in the south to intervene to resolve the crisis and promised that it was not following a policy of marginalization of the south, as the armed protesters had claimed. source