UNSC backs efforts for Libya truce - The Libyan Report

UNSC backs efforts for Libya truce

Members of the United Nations Security Council have thrown their full support behind efforts to mediate a truce in conflict-ridden Libya.

They held an emergency meeting on Sunday after a car bomb in the Libyan city of Benghazi killed three UN staff members.

The explosion took place despite the country's warring parties' acceptance of a UN-proposed ceasefire to observe the Muslim Eid holiday.

The Council members issued a statement condemning the car bombing. They expressed full support for measures proposed by the United Nations for a sustainable ceasefire.

An official from Libya's interim government noted that the car bombing followed the abduction of a member of parliament.

He said his government is willing to accept a truce, provided that it includes all fighting areas and that all military activities are halted. He said any deal should not be misused to move soldiers or mobilize power.

Fighting continues in Libya between the UN-backed interim government in the west and forces led by General Khalifa Haftar based in the east.

The Haftar-led forces are aiming to take control of the capital, Tripoli. source