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The Libyan Civil War That Has Left Tens Of Thousands Sleeping On The Streets On In Detention ...

After the military of Libya overthrew the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi, another crisis befell the country. Since the former leader’s fall from power in 2011, a civil war has raged on in Libya. Because of this unrest, the citizens are desperately looking for a way out. And they have set their eyes on Europe for a brighter future.

Europe Banning Arrival Of Refugees

However, Europe has now restricted the arrival of migrants. After close to 500,000 refugees, the continent is not letting others enter as quickly. In Libya, Hotel GDF or the UN’s refugee Gathering and Departure Facility has more than a thousand waiting in line. But, out of 45,000 registered migrants, only around 5% get a ticket to Europe.

Now, that percentage has come down to 0. Europe is not offering any more seats to Libyan refugees anymore. They are also making sure that there is no illegal crossing of borders by the refugees. In 2017, Italy made a deal with Libya to restrict the passage of refugees by the sea. In exchange for €90m, the coastguards are trained to sniff out Libyans that have made their way into Europe.

Captured Refugees in Italy Sent To Detention Camps

This tactic is proving very useful. Italy has reduced 181,000 arrivals every year to 9,300 in 2019. But the dark side of strategy has incurred a ton of international criticism. The captured refugees are sent to detention camps where they treated cruelly and kept in unhygienic conditions.

They Live In Deplorable Conditions

“We have collected testimonies of torture, rape and murder in detention camps,” says Oxfam’s Paolo Pezzati. “The agreement the Italian government signed with Libya in February 2017 has allowed these untold violations.” In some camps, the military capture a few inmates for ransom. They torture them until they get money from their family members.

Thousands of refugees have no place to rest their head. And so, they sleep on the streets – homeless. Women have it even worse. Due to the threat of rapes, they sleep on the streets near the police station. But this makes them the first victims of a bombing. The civil war tearing Libya apart has left thousands dead and tens of thousands homeless. They cannot escape, and they are barely living. When will it all end? source