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On Antisemitism: Why It Really Exists & How To Stop It

Ever since the Ancient Romans quelled all Jewish resistance in Palestine, the Jewish

diaspora have been kicked out of 109 different states where they had attempted to seek

refuge, starting with the citystate of Carthage in 250 CE. Jews have been falsely

accused of nearly every tragic global event, from the Black Plague to terrorist attacks by

the Islamic State, and are no stranger to being the victims of genocidal killings.

  • The Holocaust (Shoa) killed 66% (6 million Jews) of Europe’s Jewish population

  • Stalin’s Great Purge killed 1% of Jews in the Soviet Union

  • The Khmelnytsky Uprising killed 50% of Jews in Ukraine

  • European pogroms killed approximately 406,200 Jews

  • The Farhud killed 180 Jews in Iraq

  • The 1945 Tripolitania riots killed 140 Jews in Libya

There have also been many false conspiracy theories that target all Jewish people as

being evil or oppressive.

  • The Protocols of Zion, a forgery created by the Russian Empire’s secret police

  • Holocaust denial, Denial of “6 million deaths”

  • New World Order, Shadow Government, Illuminati

  • Myths about ritual sacrifice, child sex rings, and blood libelling

The reasons for why the Jewish people have been hated throughout history varies

largely and is dependent upon the context of the time and location in which the

prejudice occurred.

Ancient Romans

  • Jews in Roman Palestine were rebellious despite being given special privileges

  • Like Christians, the Jews were monotheists who refused to worship Roman gods.

  • The Romans had fought brutal wars with the Jews on three different occasions

Christian and Islamic Faiths

  • Early Christians were regularly persecuted and stoned to death by Jews

  • The Jews rejected Jesus as their prophet, rabbi, and saviour (messiah)

  • The Jews rejected the Islamic prophet Mohammed as their saviour

  • A mob of Jews had arrested Jesus and demanded that the Romans execute him

  • Some forms of Judaism adopted Zoroastrianism and Eastern esoteric mysticism

  • The Talmud states that in hell, Jesus (Yeshu) is boiling in seminal fluid

  • The Jews removed God’s name יהוה (Jehovah, Yahweh, Yehowah) from the Bible and some Jews censor the word “God” by using “G—d” or “G”

  • Jews in medieval Europe only charged interest to loans made out to

  • non-Jews (gentiles, goyim)

  • The Khazars (Ashkenazi Jews) in Europe forced gentiles to convert

  • Medieval Jews owned Christian slaves


  • Many Jews don’t identify with their country of origin and avoid being straightforward with non-Jews (gentiles, goyim)

  • Historically poor Jews lived in ghettos that were separate from everyone else

Atheist Jewish Communists

  • The most famous Communists in history such as Karl Marx, Grigory Zinoviev,

Leon Trotsky, and Vladimir Lenin were all ethnically Jewish

  • 65% of the KGB (Soviet Secret Police) and 25% of the Soviet Central Committee

were ethnically Jewish before Stalin’s Great Purge

  • Jews constituted 53% of the Polish Communist Party before World War Two

  • In Polish court proceedings against communists between 1927 and 1936, 90% of

the accused were Jews.

  • 40% of the American Communist Party was Jewish during the Cold War

  • German Marxist thinkers in the Frankfurt School and Bauhaus School were

entirely made up of ethnic Jews

Fake Nazis

  • Some Jews have joined or created Neo-Nazi groups in order to create a false flag. Bernie Sander's wife Elizabeth Moore and Elisa Hategan are both actually Jewish. Yet both of them have claimed to have been converted to Judaism and Progressive politics by Bernie Farber.

Modern Politics and Business

  • Palestinian nationalists and Muslim Anti-Zionists have been in conflict with

Israeli’s since 1947

  • Victims of other genocides including Poles, Armenians, and Assyrian Christians

are upset that their own struggles are not as widely taught as the Holocaust

  • Currently about half of the global Jewish population is secular and progressive

  • Jews are disproportionately represented in the News and Entertainment

  • 35% of the world’s top 400 billionaires are ethnically Jewish

  • Ethnic Jewish investors have interfered in world politics and trends by donating

substantial funds to rival political parties and international organizations

  • Groups such as the National Council of Jewish Woman oppose right wing ideas

Why Antisemitism Is Wrong

Religious Reasons

  • Over half of the bible is Jewish. Hebrew and Aramaic are two of the three

languages in which the Bible was written

  • Jesus and his parents, Marry and Joseph, were Jewish

  • The first early Christians were ethnically Jewish and some of the Jews who

participated in Jesus’ death, later repented and became Christians.

  • The Apostle Paul was a former Jew who used to kill Christians before he


  • Jesus’ allegory of the Great Samaritan teaches to be good to everyone, no

matter their race

  • Islam teaches that Jews and Christians will also go to heaven

Jews are not united

  • Despite the tribalism that exists for many ethnic Jews, the global Jewish

population is not united

  • Members of the Jewish community have a diverse range of opinions that is as

extensive as the opinions of Christians around the globe

  • Openly Jewish figures have been influential in Conservative, Centrist, Classical

Liberal, and even Far-Right circles

They don’t control the world

  • There are other ethnic groups of billionaires (Chinese, Indians, Arabs) who have

more money than Jewish elites and who have a greater influence in world affairs

  • If Jews controlled the world, then anti-Zionism would not be so prevalent

  • While there are Jews who are very wealthy, especially within the United States,

there are also many Jews who are very poor and underprivileged across the


Antisemitic Communists

  • Many Jews died in Stalin’s gulags and the Holodomor in Ukraine

  • The Soviet Union persecuted religious Jews, supressed the speaking of Hebrew,

and tried to subvert the efforts of Jews who wanted to escape to Israel

Hitler Lied

  • Many things that were not Jewish were labelled as being Jewish simply because

the Nazis wanted to censor them

  • Most German Jews were not involved in Communism or Financial schemes but

were persecuted anyways and used as slave labour inside of death camps

Jewish Fascists

  • Before 1938, when Adolf Hitler pressured Mussolini to publish the Italian Charter

of Race, 10% of the Italian Jewish population belonged to the Fascist Party.

  • 200 Jews participated in the Italian fascist march on Rome on October 28, 1922

  • Aldo Finzi and nine other Jewish deputies were elected to the parliament of the

Italian Fasci of Combat

  • The Lehi, Jewish Freedom Fighters of Israel, were Jewish Fascists that hated the

Allied powers and viewed Hitler as being misunderstood

Just Regular People

-Everyone is an individual and it is unethical to state that just because someone is from a certain race that they must be prone to a certain negative practice or belief