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Never-ending conflict and fusion music (E305)

The Middle East continues to burn with the kindling of further conflict transpiring in Iraq, Syria and Libya. It seems like a never-ending war of occupation and terror for the people of those countries. But could there possibly be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel? To find out just what the current developments are in the region, we invited lecturer and journalist Sami Ramadani into the Sputnik studio to help unravel the knotted tangle of current conflicts.And we take a musical journey to Egypt via Britain, looking at the work and collaborations of one of the original Anglo-Egyptian Superstars. With the ethereal fusion of the folk and classical traditions of the Arab world, coupled with the sounds of contemporary popular music, Natacha Atlas has delighted audiences in the Arab world, Europe, Asia and beyond. So we were delighted when she accepted our invitation to take a seat on the Sputnik sofa and to tell us about her current projects.

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