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Migrant situation deteriorating in Libya, IOM says

The IOM and the UN Security Council have expressed concern over the humanitarian situation in war-torn Libya. IOM director Antonio Vitorino has called for all migrant detention centers to be closed.

The situation in Libya is becoming increasingly "unmanageable" and the ongoing conflict "enables criminal networks to operate," Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Antonio Vitorino said on Monday. He was speaking to the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament.

"We are seeing an escalation of the conflict" in Libya, said Vitorino, stressing that the UN agency is providing assistance to "140,000 displaced Libyans around Tripoli," as well as to migrants.

'Detention centers must be closed'

"We have guaranteed the voluntary repatriation of 44,000 migrants who were stranded in Libya," said the director general of IOM. "Sometimes it isn't possible to help them reach their country of origin, but it is better to get them out [of detention centers]," he said, adding that "[detention centers] must be closed because they are a violation of fundamental rights and of the dignity of migrants detained there."

UN concerned over escalating violence

Also on Monday, members of the UN Security Council in New York expressed "deep concern" over the recent escalation of violence in Libya, stressing that all sides involved in the conflict need to de-escalate the situation and commit to a ceasefire. The 15 members expressed particular concern over reported violations of an arms embargo. They called for full compliance with the embargo.

In a statement adopted unanimously, Security Council members expressed their full support for UN special representative for Libya Ghassan Salamé, urging member states and all Libyan parties to work together with Salamé. source