Libya's NOC attempts fuel cut to LNA troops - The Libyan Report

Libya's NOC attempts fuel cut to LNA troops

Libya’s National Oil Corp. (Noc) reduced kerosene supplies to areas controlled by rebel force Libyan National Army (LNA) so they wouldn’t use them in their campaign to take the capital Tripoli, Reuters reported.

“National Oil Corporation… rejects any attempt to portray it as a participant in the war, or supportive of any side,” the company said Friday in a statement, adding there are enough fuel supplies to satisfy civilian demand.

Noc has called repeatedly for the end of the conflict, Kallanish Energy learns.

The LNA is looking to overthrow the current government led by prime minister Fayez al-Sarraj, which is backed by the United Nations. It began a campaign in April to break into Tripoli, killing more than 100 civilians and displacing more than 120,000.

Last week, a LNA spokesman told local media a ceasefire is unlikely as “all of the opportunities that helped avoid a war in Tripoli are over,” as they are on a “war against terrorism.” source