Libyan PM Serraj urges Italy to 'condemn coup' - The Libyan Report

Libyan PM Serraj urges Italy to 'condemn coup'

ROME - Fayez al-Serraj, prime minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) of Libya, has called on Italy ''not to be shy''.

''We appreciate Italy's role and we are in constant contact with the government. The point, for us, is not to ask for help for Serraj. It is for the institutions. Italy must not be shy.

It must say that it supports the GNA. This is the only legitimate government,'' Serraj said in an exclusive interview with Sky TG24 that will be broadcast on Thursday at 7:30 PM on Sky TG24 Mondo.

''Now some want to carry out a coup d'etat and take power. This is happening,'' Serraj continued.

''We have clearly told Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that it is a coup and that it must be condemned without any hesitation. Italy supports us, supports our coast guard. There is no room for uncertainty from Italy and the European Union.'' ''We expect to receive concrete support from Italy. Libyans will not forget these countries that proved themselves friends during this crisis,'' he continued, warning that ''if the war continues in Tripoli, there will certainly be consequences, beginning with illegal migration. It will not be possible to control migrant flows towards Italy.''

''Illegal immigration is a nightmare for Italy and Europe in general,'' the Libyan PM said.''We are also very concerned for humanitarian, economic and security reasons. We have spoken to your government.'' ''There are so very many people here that are fleeing. In Europe the gates are closed in many countries and the same countries are criticising Libya, which is hosting 800,000 migrants! We must find a compromise. Let's not forget,'' he said, ''also the security issue. Terrorists and outlaws could be hiding among the migrants. We have confirmation of this from our intelligence services.''

''The latest information from secret services is that (ISIS chief) Abu Baker al-Baghdadi is hiding between Syria and Iraq, but we have warned our partners that during the war ISIS is growing in our country due to the war. Many sleeper cells are reawakening and the risk is to the entire region and not just us,'' Serraj said. ''ISIS is fighting in some cities in southern Libya, now. This is proof of their presence. And I am certain that terrorism will increase if our soldiers continue being used for the war in Tripoli.''