Libyan minister decries 350 migrants' exit from Tajoura - The Libyan Report

Libyan minister decries 350 migrants' exit from Tajoura

CAIRO - Libyan Interior minister Fathi Bashagha has decried the release on Tuesday of 350 people from the Tajoura centre, which had previously been hit by an airstrike. Bashagha said that only 70 had been authorised to leave after a UN request. The others, the minister was quoted as saying by Libyan TV Al Ahrar, left of their own initiative and it proved impossible to stop them without resorting to violence. The minister thus seems to rule out that this marks the beginning of a larger release of migrants detained in Libya. ''The interior minister of the Government of National Accord has decried the exit of a number of migrants from the Tajoura reception centre,'' reported the website of the broadcaster, referring to the government recognised by the UN and the facilities bombed by mistake last week by the airforce under Libyan General Khalifa Haftar.

The website reported that Bashagha, in statements to Al Ahrar, had said that the UNHCR had decided to let 70 migrants of the centre, which holds about 400 ahead of repatriating them.