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Libyan holds foreign powers responsible for political unrest

By Youssuf M. M. Ben Youssuf

We are the charge d'affaires and staff of the Embassy of Libya in Seoul, the Republic of Korea.

The Libyan people are exposed to a declared war and armed aggression led by war criminal Khalifa Haftar backed by criminal militias and hired mercenaries and with the support of Axis of Evil countries ― the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and France.

In view of this brutal aggression unleashed on the Libyan capital Tripoli, the resulting displacement of families and the intimidation and terror of the gangs of Haftar, which have committed flagrant violations of human rights, there is ample evidence of the war crimes committed by murderers and criminals wanted for justice.

Our country is subjected to a war led by Haftar and his project of militarization of the state and the acquisition of power by force of arms and support of allies who betrayed the Libyan people.

Libyans eagerly awaited the political process for the achievement of stability, consolidation of peace and establishment of a democratic civil constitutional state via ballot boxes, made possible by the national forces that are in favor of peace and stability, and by the government of national accord, the legitimate and sole representative of the Libyan state and people, under the auspices of the United Nations.

The Libyan army forces (GNA) of the government of National Accord defending the civil state did not declare war and did not start it, but the criminal gangs of Haftar were despicable and treacherous with a deliberate and planned aggression to overthrow the choices of the Libyan people and the legitimate government.

In Tripoli, they resist aggression and exercise defense in accordance with the powers of the government, the laws of the Libyan state and all international laws and covenants that ensure the national government's right to defend its territory and sovereignty and legitimacy, against any aggressor, violator, rebel or dissident, and its right to secure the country and protect the people and reject violence and armed rebellion.

This is why we, the President and members of the Libyan Mission of the Republic of Korea, declare from Seoul our commitment to act as representatives of the Libyan state and sponsors of its interests, and our official and national stand with the government of the Libyan representatives, our dear people and his brave army forces in all efforts to defeat the aggression against Tripoli. Free and support them in all international forums.

We also condemn the outrageous, impartial and unfair attitude of the head of the U.N. mission in Libya to practice the unjust silence and unjust interpretation of the brutal aggression, the lies and deception and even the equality between the coup's aggressor, against the legitimate defender and the legitimate government of the city state.

We also confirm our continued performance of our duties and work hard to raise the voice of our country and convey the image and reality of the coup d'etat against the state and the choice of the Libyan people in all international forums, diplomatic meetings and meetings in support of all the forces of our defending army, in support of all the forces of our army defender Libra Libya from our capital Tripoli and all the cities of our homeland, against the aggression of the war criminal Haftar and his gangs, and behind him the regional and international countries supporting him and revealing their plans and conspiring against our country, as well as their involvement in the bloodshed of our people, destruction of its capabilities and disruption to its democratic path and foundations of stability and opportunities for peace and civil peace in Libya.

Long live a free Libya and our noble people.

Glory and victory to our heroes and glory and immortality to our righteous martyrs.

Youssuf M. M. Ben Youssuf is the charge d'affaires at the Embassy of Libya in Seoul, the Republic of Korea.