Libya: Halt to Turkish troops, Moscow supervises truce - TV - The Libyan Report

Libya: Halt to Turkish troops, Moscow supervises truce - TV

CAIRO - Details of an agreement which the prime minister of Libya's national-unity government, Fayez al Sarraj, and eastern Libyan strongman, General Khalifa Haftar are about to sign in Moscow include a halt to the deployment of Turkish troops in Libya, a ceasefire supervised by the United Nations and Russia, the withdrawal of militias and a political solution, according to a report broadcast by Al Arabiya, which quoted its sources.

According to al Arabiya's sources, some armed militias will lay down their arms; duties and political powers will be distributed between Sarraj's national-unity government (Tripoli) on one side and the Libyan Paliament (Tobruk) and the command of Haftar's forces on the other.

Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA), according to the broadcaster's sources, will pursue the fight against terrorism as its most important task, subsequently in coordination with Sarraj. Also, the LNA will be tasked with overseeing the security of oil and gas installations while ports will be under international supervision. source