Libya: five soldiers loyal to Haftar arrested on boat - The Libyan Report

Libya: five soldiers loyal to Haftar arrested on boat

TUNIS - Forces deployed in the so-called 'Volcano of Rage' military operation of Tripoli's national-unity government have arrested five soldiers loyal to Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar on a boat east of Sabratha, according to the operation's Facebook page, which quoted Colonel Tawfik al Sekir. The men arrested include two high-ranking officers, it said. Al Sekir said that "at dawn on Tuesday five raiders of the militias of war criminal Haftar, including a colonel, a captain and three other officers, were detained aboard a boat east of Sabratha". According to broadcaster Libya al-Ahrar TV, which quoted a statement of the protection guard and police of the naval base of Tripoli, the "operation took place off the coast of Zaouia when a vessel of the Volcano of Rage operation stopped a suspicious boat and arrested all those onboard". Those arrested were handed over to police of Tripoli's naval base. source