Italy's Di Maio: Libya's cease of fire is a prerequisite for calling for diplomatic dialogue. - The Libyan Report

Italy's Di Maio: Libya's cease of fire is a prerequisite for calling for diplomatic dialogue.

According to the Italian Foreign Minister, which is the nation from across the Mediterranean in the continent of Europe nearest to Libya, cessation of fire in the state of Libya must also be the requirement for a call for political dialogue.

In addition, Luigi Di Maio this Saturday spoke to the Anadolu Agency of the policies Italy had in mind and shared his views on the stability of the Mediterranean region, amongst the conflicts which were that in the Eastern Mediterranean due to the hydrocarbon exploration and Libya exploration activities.

Di Maio said that these activities would bring new potential for Mediterranean energy security, particularly for the EU and Italy while speaking of hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Di Maio also said that the spirit of collaboration between the states is much needed to contribute to improving and that energy resources in the area of all the Mediterranean countries. furthermore, these projects will open up new opportunities for the Mediterranean’s energy security, most importantly for the EU and Italy.

Di Maio also shared his views in the Berlin talks and said that they need to resolve the issue with Libya and bring about stability in the region, as he was a proponent of peace and harmony.

Throughout his speech in Berlin, he also said that the only choice they have to work together to put an end to the growing tensions.

In discussing the subject, he added that the term power is very closely linked to the term equilibrium, and he also said in connection with this, it is very important for us to put all our efforts and support into helping the Berlin conference.

On 12 January, in response to an invitation by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Wladimir Putin, the warring parties to the Libyan conflict declared a cease-fire.

On Monday the sides of the Libyan dispute met in Moscow for a more formal cessation of fighting, but Haftar declined to do the same after al-Sarraj signed the agreement and left Russia. source