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Air defense systems to the military trucks of the German manufacturer apparently in use in Libya

The civil war in Libya creates it only rarely in the German news. At least 53 people, including six children, died alone last Tuesday in an air RAID on an internment camp for refugees in Tajoura, East of Tripoli. But this event moved quickly in the Background.

But now, the information that in Libya, the German war device is used and calculated on the part of the troops of the insurgent General Khalifa Haftar intensify. He is with his Libyan National army (LNA) as the person responsible for the air attack on the refugee camp. Since the 18th century. June published the various Twitter Accounts photos of air defense systems Pantsir-S1, which are now in Libya is in use. In mid-June, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should have flew over the air base in the Libyan Al Jufra in. On questions of the Italian Agency Agenzia Nova, a spokesman for the LNA did not want to comment on the delivery – so don’t deny.

Only the United Arab Emirates come as the country of delivery in question

The Pantsir-S1, which is attributed to a range of 20 kilometers, is a Russian brand. But as you can see from the published photographs, the pictured guns on vehicles of the German brand mounted. It is obvious to all-terrain military trucks of the type MAN SX45, built by the VW subsidiary, and since the year of 2010 by a Joint Venture of MAN and the defence group Rheinmetall, the 51 per cent. The only country that had the Pantsir systems with such a Truck, combine, the UAE.

These days, the “New York Times cited” an unspecified high-ranking Western experts, who confirmed that the LNA of the Emirates air defense systems have received of this type. Nato leads him as “SA-22 Greyhound”. On Friday succeeded in the LNA-troops, a Mig-23 fighter jet of the internationally recognized Libyan government to shoot down. Experts led immediately to a possible deployment of the Pantsir systems.

in violation of the UN arms embargo

These messages are also important because shipments of Arms in breach of the warring parties in Libya for an official UN arms embargo. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the UAE denied on Tuesday of last week, to have the Embargo broken. But in June of 2017, a UN, had shown the report to the Emiratis that they had been delivered in spite of the sanctions, combat helicopters and armoured military vehicles to the rebel army of General Haftar. In Abu Dhabi, the General, apparently, as a bulwark against the UAE vision to Islamist-influenced government in Tripoli.

arms exports

Secret French documents: the German war in Yemen

Hans-Martin Tillack

In the United States reports for attention ensured now, moreover, according to the UAE in the US-made anti-tank weapons of the type Javelin to Libya shipped to have. In Germany, the weapons supplies were, however, little or no attention to.

This is for sure that it is the family SX specifically for the military produced “tactical vehicle”, not any easy ungerüstete civilian vehicles. As you can see, it is a presentation of the military in charge of vehicle construction Joint venture RMMV in the year 2015. The Pantsir-carrier vehicles, so obviously armaments. The recipient country – in the case of the Emirates – must, therefore, deliver prior to the importation of an end-use statement, which precludes disclosure to third parties.

circumstantial evidence for origin from Germany

More evidence that the vehicles are now in Libya on the way, come from German production. RMMV has works in Kassel, Germany, and in Vienna, Austria, as well as a third production facility in the Netherlands. The latter building seems to have been mostly wheeled APCS, type of Boxer for the Dutch army. Austria appears as the country of origin for the MAN to excrete Trucks in the Emirates. According to information from the Austrian Ministry of foreign Affairs in relation to the star, no information about the approved export applications for vehicles of the type MAN SX45 8×8 in the country of destination United Arab Emirates are there””.


Advisor affair in the Ministry of defence

consultant company Accenture in the Committee of inquiry listening

Hans-Martin Tillack

Rheinmetall had issues of the star to the deliveries to be answered. According to the database of the Swedish peace research Institute Sipri, the UAE ordered the Pantsir systems already in the year 2000; delivered to you in a quantity of 50 but only in the years 2009 to 2013. From 2000 to 2013, the German Federal government in Berlin has approved, according to the official reports on military equipment exports year exports of military Trucks at the Emirates. In 2010, also explicitly export permits for “low-loader semi-trailer for artillery rocket systems,” for the UAE in the list are to be found.

approved by the Federal government, so also the export of the carrier vehicles for the missile systems of the type Pantsir? And if Yes, when? At the request of the star, the Federal government wanted to now give out no information. To “let, please understand that we cannot comment on individual cases, decisions,” by Peter Altmaier (CDU), led the Ministry of economy to explain.

Federal government has allegedly “no knowledge”

Unanswered, the Ministry was also the question of what conclusions to draw, the Federal government is now concerning the reliability of the UAE as a receiving country for military equipment. On a request of the Left-the Deputy Sevim Dagdelen Altmaiers state Secretary Ulrich Nußbaum said even at the beginning of last week, the government would be available about a possible deployment of the Pantsir missile defense systems in Libya, “no relevant findings”.

In the SPD politician Heiko Maas led the foreign Ministry to take in Libya – so it says – “ongoing violations of the arms embargo with the greatest of concern”. Germany since the beginning of the year even the Chairman of the sanctions Committee of the United Nations for Libya. They also push “on the implementation of the arms embargoes” will be protested in the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

On violations of the UAE against UN Sanctionsnen responded the Foreign office, of course, in the past, in other cases, with eye-catching phlegm. All of the allegations, in Spite of considering the Emiratis in Berlin up to today as a “strategic Partner”. The Left-the Deputy Dagdelen considers that “the declared ignorance of the Federal government” in terms of the Pantsir systems to be “not credible”. Apparently, the opposition believes a politician, “weigh the geopolitical interests, the hold of Emirates in the Region as allies, heavier than the respect of the arms embargo and the observance of international law”. source