After death penalty, sentence against Ashmawy in 54 crimes adjourned - The Libyan Report

After death penalty, sentence against Ashmawy in 54 crimes adjourned

FILE - Terrorist Hisham Ashmawy in the custody of GIS forces after extradition from Libya - exclusive photo via Extra News TV channel

Ashmawy extradited under 1992 judicial cooperation agreement CAIRO - 29 May 2019: The National Libyan Army (NLA) extradited on Tuesday terrorists Hesham Ashmawy and Ali Abdel Moaty to Egypt under the Judicial Cooperation Agreement on Civil and Penal Articles between both countries. The agreement was signed in 1992, and comprises 93 articles.

CAIRO - 1 December 2019: One day after terrorist Hisham Ashmawy was sentenced to death by the Military Criminal Court, Cairo Criminal Court adjourned pronouncing sentences against him and 207 members of Ansar Bait al-Maqdes terror group to February 1.The defendants are charged with 54 crimes that consist of assassinations of policemen, attempted murder of former Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim, and bombings of security institutions’ buildings.The Public Prosecution’s arraignment states the following crimes: founding, leading, and joining a terrorist group aiming at suspending the constitution, laws, and prohibiting the state’s institutions from fulfilling their responsibilities; violating the citizens’ rights and freedoms and jeopardizing national unity and social peace; espionage with a foreign organization embodied in Hamas, the military branch of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood; vandalism of state buildings; deliberate and attempted murder; and, acquisition of firearms, ammunition, and explosives.Ashmawy, who was extradited by Libya in March, was convicted by the Military Criminal Court of committing 14 crimes pertinent to the Farafra Terror Attack against a Border Guard ambush five years ago killing 28 officers and soldiers. source